Map of the Quarter: CASF Broadband Grant Eligibility

California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) Broadband Infrastructure Grant Deadline Is April 1

The application deadline for CASF Broadband Infrastructure Grants is April 1, 2020, and representatives from the Northeastern and Upstate California Connect Consortia are available to help with the application process. The California and CPUC goal is to achieve 98% broadband service availability in each consortium region.  See the map below for areas available for funding across the 10-County Consortia region.

Eligible applicants for the CASF Infrastructure Account grant include:

1. Entities with a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) that qualify as a “telephone corporation” as defined under Public Utilities (Pub. Util.) Code section 234;   

2. Wireless carriers who are registered with the Commission (i.e., hold a Wireless Identification Registration (WIR))—wireless carriers need not obtain a CPCN to qualify for CASF funding;   

3. Non-telephone corporations that are facilities-based broadband service providers—the Commission uses the NTIA definition of a facilities-based broadband service provider, which is generally defined as any entity providing Internet access service or middle mile transport, over its    own  fixed or wireless facilities to residence, businesses, or other institution;  

4. A local governmental agency if no other eligible entity applied.

To learn more about CASF infrastructure grant process and criteria, click here.  If you are an eligible entity in need of assistance with a broadband infrastructure project, contact David Espinoza, Manager, Upstate and Northeastern California Connect Consortia, at