2017-2018 Annual County Profiles

For more information or to sponsor a County Profile, contact Ryan Miller at (530) 898-4598  or rgmiller@csuchico.edu.

26 Years Experience in Assembling Economic and Demographic County Profiles

The 2018 Economic and Demographic profiles are full-color documents that are approximately 90 pages long. Over the past few years the profiles have evolved significantly from the old data manual - the hard copy booklets that many of you have used in the past. 

What's New?

  • The new documents are much more user friendly and the narrative is easy to comprehend. 
  • The data contained in each profile ranges from age distribution to average weather conditions, and just about everything in between, including agricultural data, income, education, crime, and business statistics. 
  • The CED staff is collecting data throughout the year as it is released, so that we can provide our clients and stakeholders with the most up-to-date data available as soon as a county comes under contract. 

County Profiles Pay Off

  • Past users of the profile have found that much of the data found in the document can be time consuming for their organization to collect, and often times they are surprised and impressed with the detail of the data that is available.
  • These profiles are not just for show - they will pay for themselves after just a few uses as the data inside is used for anything from a report to a grant application. 
  • Much of the data is very time consuming to collect, and the staff time saved alone is generally worth the purchase price. 
  • Often times, small business owners are unaware of what data is available or how to obtain it. As city/county leaders and economic developers, its imperative to help small businesses in our region access as much information as possible, so they can make more informed decisions and better allocate scarce resources. 
If a piece of data is needed and cannot be found within the pages of the profile, the experienced research staff at the CED will be happy to assist you with collection of any quickly - obtainable data, free of charge to any profile sponsor. 

Several Communities Have Already Committed to Providing Updated Profiles for their Counties

Del Norte Local Transportation Commission, Sonoma County Economic Development Board, and Mendocino County have all sponsored updated profiles for their respective counties. 

Del Norte County's profile has already been completed and is available for free by the Transportation Commission. 

Trinity County's profile was completed in 2016 and made available by the Trinity County Transportation Commission. 

Benefits and Pricing

For more information or to sponsor a County Profile, contact Ryan Miller at (530) 898-4598 or  rgmiller@csuchico.edu.